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Igbo Mothers BookProject I

When would most Igbo women have the time and the opportunity to write a book to honor their mother?  For most of us, the answer is probably never.  But we can possibly write a story to pay tribute to the women who made us such a dynamic group. The idea behind the book “Igbo Mothers by Igbo Daughters: A Celebration of and Tribute to Igbo Mothers” was to provide the forum and the opportunity for Igbo women to collectively do so in keeping with our culture as reflected in the adage, igwe bu ike.  This book is the maiden issue on a series on Igbo Mothers by Igbo Daughters. Please go to invitations to see how you can participate in the next one.

Mrs. Victoria Attah
Mrs. Victoria Attah, Editor's mother

My special gratitude to my mother, Mrs. Victoria Attah, whose love, dedication, and wisdom is the inspiration for Igbo Mothers Project.  I am indebted to her for all that I became as Igbo daughter, woman, wife, mother and sister.

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